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Nexorade; reciprocal frame


reciprocal frame, which called Nexorade in some references, is a class of self-supporting structure made of three or more beams and which requires no center support to create roofs, bridges or specific structures. An important application of Nexorades is for shelters of various sizes and shapes for temporary or permanent purposes. The main feature of this type of structure is that the design process is too complicated and need deep structural knowledge but the fabrication and assembling process is easy and no need to labor.

The workshop aims is to explore reciprocal Frame and its properties by an experimental approach in an extensive week at the University of Tehran. The 36 Attendees started their works by testing the behavior and function of reciprocal Frame by small wooden pillars, then made mid-size structures by using plywood sheets which cut out pieces by laser cut machine. The workshop focused on the design and the production of a full-scale hyperbolic structure and allowed the students to have a better understanding of the relationship between design and fabrication constraints. After the preliminary exercises, the students attempted to find a simple method using dynamic relaxation algorithm in Grasshopper and Kangaroo Plugins to find the form structural analysis of reciprocal frame systems. At the end of the workshop, students tried to design and fabricate a 5*5*5 meter structure suspended from the university’s hall roof. Using CNC milling machine enables the workshop to drill plastic pipes in specific pints and connect the pipes by the designed metal joints.

The result of the workshop is still presented in Exams Hall in the University of Tehran.


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Nexorade; reciprocal frame
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CNC MillingLaser Cutting & Engraving
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