Hinge Paneling Workshop

Digital fabrication affects the design process due to the increasingly important role it has in the fabrication of complex models. Many design professionals and students have experienced the benefits and challenges of using digital fabrication in their design processes. Hinge Paneling workshop focused on the various tools available for digital fabrication which go through step by step, from a digital file on the computer to an actual build version of the design. The design benefits from the potential of cutting the flat boards to gain a deformed surface.

Hinge paneling workshop explored the construction of 3D artificial object out of sheet material. Nowadays, paneling a surface which might be an interior wall or a building facade is a prominent issue in design and architecture. Although It is prevalent to use sheet material such as aluminum composite panel, sandwich panel, Medium-density fibreboard(MDF) and also natural wood sheet in paneling, changing this material to a 3D object by hinge technique is a new approach. Hinge technique is a method to weaken a sheet material by linear cutting in order to make it possible to bend and form easily. The workshop provided an insight into the design and fabrication process with regards to the hinge technique and its application in architecture panel system. Participants in the workshop learned the challenging process of producing ideas and projects that are to be developed through specific software and concepts that emerge through the use parametric design and digital fabrication.

The topics which Participants learned were:

  • Parametric Design: Introduction to Rhino* and Grasshopper. Specifically, explain the concepts with which to work with the software of parametric design and how they function. Through these tools.
  • Hinge Method: Hinge technique is a method to weaken a sheet material by cutting in order to make it possible to bend and form easily.
  • Digital Fabrication: In this phase, participants of the workshop organized into working groups. Participants had access to materials and conceptual apparatus that took them directly to the fabrication of the geometries of the project, with the use of software CAD / CAM interface and the use of machines for the digital fabrication

On October 2015, The Hinge Paneling Workshop was held in University of Tehran with 55 attendees. During the workshop, students were asked to design three different exercises by hinge technique. The first exercise was about making some new innovative hinge patterns. In the second exercise, students clustered to groups and designing functional objects. The results of the second exercise varied from fashion design to industrial design: chair, swing for infants, lampshade, hat, and shoes. The main exercise was the third one; in this exercise, students were asked to use hinge technique as the main character to design architectural elements.


Project Name
Hinge Paneling Workshop
Fablab Iran, University of Tehran
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Laser Cutting & Engraving
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