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Fablab Tehran has today a team of seven people : the three co-founders, four designers and experts in fabrication and one machines’ technician.
Four architect tutors and some industrial designers punctually come in the lab to help the team for workshops. Until now, two have been organized in Tehran University. During the 1st workshop, 50 students experimented ideation and prototyping to learn how to fold a huge wooden sheet thanks to the hinge’s technic. Through the second one, 46 students made a 300-pieces structure using a milling machine. Usually, 5 mentors bring the lab’s equipments to the university and lead the workshop during one week.
Daily, the lab’s team provides services, machines and advices to its community. As each project is unique, they didn’t implement any process. If a project has a business potential, the lab can accompany the maker in its commercial development. Their strong connections with industrial companies, usually located in Pardis Technology Park, simplify the process of production and investment researches.
Their objective is also to help other people with creating their own lab. According to Mohammadhossein, in a near future, the number of labs in Iran will increase.

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