Yahya Nourian

Co-founder & Director
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Yahya Nourian is graduated from Tehran University of Art, Department of Architecture in 2011. He fulfilled his studies in M.Sc. in Architectural Technology and Design, and acclaimed as Gold Medalist of Tarbiat Modares University in 2013. He has managed and designed a full range of architectural projects, spanning from interior design to landscape from initial studies to detailing. He has interdisciplinary research interests, which are demonstrated in his design and researches. He has been the Director of “5O7Studio” as founder since 2011 as well as CEO of the “Fablab Tehran” since 2014. He founded “Art-story Research Institute” in 2013 in order to answer methodological questions regarding to Story vs. History of Art while he is dean of the institution (from 2013) to focus the researches on new approaches toward history of art and architecture. He successfully has printed some scientific papers and lots of online articles as author, editor or editor in chief. His research interest lays in design methodology which covers various fields such as computational design, mathematical architecture, history, history of art, geometric patterns, Islamic architecture, design and fabrication.