Saeb Kefayati

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Saeb Kefayati found his interest in designing and fabrication when he was child. The presence of his artist father made him understand completeness and necessity of fine art in fabrication and building construction. In highschool years, his interest in architecture grown by experiencing video games like “The Sims” and “SimCity” and attempting extra program fabrication classes. He is graduated from Tehran University of Art, Department of Architecture in 2016 and awarded as top student. Due to his concern about nature and energy, and personal interst in native architecture he decided to attemp master of architecture and energy in Tehran university of art in 2017 and tries to to provide fabricational solutions for green and sustainable building. He also teaches architecture and fabrication in highschool and experiences technological diginal arhicectual presentation techniques like VR. He started his profesional life as architect in 5o7studio (2014) and designer in FABLAB iran (2016)