Farzin Khaki

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I’m Farzin Khaki, Content manger of FabLab website. I’v been added to team from 5o7studio as a Trainee. In that time my most focus is on BIM or Building Information Modeling and I somtimes take a role in architecture design in the studio. My entrance was align with college season, when I was studying architecture in Tehran university of art and I was classmate with all of my current colleagues!. Student season was also the time for voluntary activities. Me and number of friends was holding up an artistic event called “circle of art” and also publishing posts on “Yanondesign” website continuously. My serious activity on content developing started from Yanondesign magazine and I’ve done multiple projects in this field until now.

I’v recently accepted in project management course in master’s degree level and I’m experiencing the whole different world. I hope as Fablab projects getting larger, I use the project management knowledge that I learn from the university.