Ali Gharakhani

Digital Fabrication Specialist
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Ali holds Master’s degree in Architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona (IaaC).
Ali’s global experience of a diversity of cities from Tehran to Barcelona and from Dubai to Beijing, provides him with a unique awareness of global trends in newly emerging and rapidly developing countries. After graduation from IaaC in 2010, Ali has been involved in forging and pioneering internationally notable award-winning architectural practices in China.
Ali has been motivated and inspired by questions concerning social aspects of new technologies, especially in rapidly developing countries—including but not limited to China—and the impact of digital culture on architecture and urbanism and the emergence of new interdisciplinary tectonic ideas that carry the potential to transform the image of 21st century cities.

He is highly curious and intrigued by developments of China in recent decades; he is savvy of the importance of extensively detailed studies of China for non-Chinese architects and urbanists as a remarkable example of embracing modern technology in traditional culture and the impactful effects of digital culture on cities. He conceives many meaningful lessons can be obtained from the developments of China in the recent 30 years that can be applied to diverse social contexts.
Ali’s unique background and intellectual acuity allow him to have a deep understanding of global trends while acting within boundaries of local culture and tectonics.