The Ultimaker 3 was one of the most hotly anticipated 3D printer releases of 2017. Boasting new dual extrusion capabilities over older generation machines, the Ultimaker 3 also features a host of new connectivity options that give it greater versatility.

The Ultimaker 3 extended provides an extra 10cm of build height over the Ultimaker 3 (30 vs 20cm) but has the same specifications as the Ultimaker 3. The Ultimaker 3 extended is the latest version of the popular multi-functional 3D printer. It comes equipped with a heated build platform, dual extrusion and can print at a resolution of up to 20 microns. It supports both PLA and ABS and can print at a speed of 300 mm/s. Also new in the Ultimaker 3 is auto bed levelling and wifi connectivity as well as an on board camera that allows users to watch their print live.
The major innovation in the Ultimaker 3 is a redesigned printhead, which includes two swappable extruders. (Ultimaker calls these “print cores.”) This means the Ultimaker 3 can print from two reels of filament at once, so you can print in two colors or with two different materials. The best use of this is the water-soluble PVA filament that Ultimaker offers (and a reel of which is included with the Ultimaker 3), which can be used to print supports. When printing with a single extruder and material, you have to manually remove the supports after printing. With PVA filament, you can print the object in one material and the supports in PVA, and then remove the supports with water.

PropertiesUltimaker Extended 3
Build volume215*215*300 mm
Layer thickness60 to 200 microns
Printer dimentions342*505*688 mm
Nozzle tempreature180 to 280 °C

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