At a glance, the Replicator 2X has some laudable specs. Its most obvious features are the .4mm dual-extruders which allow you to print in two colors at once. MakerBot recommends using only ABS and dissolvable filaments, but more on that later.

These extruders can move at lightning max speeds of 200mm/s around the 9.7 x 6.0 x 6.1-inch build space. That’s 350 total cubic inches and definitely one of the larger build spaces out there. It comes with a heated aluminum build plate that’s surprisingly dependable and heats up in minutes.

ABS produces flexible, highly durable prints, but it’s sensitive to temperature changes. It requires a heated printing bed to form a successful base, and benefits from an enclosed frame that helps keep a constant environment during the print. The Replicator 2X has both of these features, ensuring a smoother printing experience with ABS filaments.

Print resolutions vary from 100-300 microns and result in good to exceptional prints that need little post production work. The steel frame is completely enclosed during a print, which also helps to keep print quality high.

PropertiesMakerbot replicator 2X
Build volume250*160*150 mm
Layer thickness100 to 340 microns
Open sourceNo
Nozzle tempreature180 to 280 °C
SoftwareMakerbot Print

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