The German manufacturer BigRep is known for its mammoth industrial-grade FDM 3D printers, its flagship being the BigRep ONE. This machine offers a 1005 x 1005 x 1005 mm build volume, dual-extrusion capabilities, auto-leveling, and the list of features goes on… Needless to say, the production scale leads to nearly limitless creative possibilities.

BigRep One can print standard nylons and plastics, but it also prints Laywood — a mixture of polymers and wood fibres that create a wood-like finish. It’s a good effect for indoor furniture, and there’s also Laybrick support for a sandstone effect that’s a little more rough-textured. BigRep One might be capable of printing furniture, but the price will limit its popularity with consumers.

The BigRep ONE’s name alludes to, it’s based off a RepRap printer design. RepRap is a family of open-source designs to create 3D printers, where a hallmark is the ability of one printer to create the parts for further printers.

It has the basic printing features like a heated bed, along with the not-so-basic such as optional CNC milling and double print heads.

PropertiesBigRep one V1
Build volume1050*1050*1050 mm
Layer thickness150 to 900 microns
Open sourceYes
Bed tempreature60 to 80 °C
Printing technologyFDM
bigrep one sampl

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