• What’s a Fablab? / part 3
    What exactly do fablabs in the world? in this article, we've focused on the international aspect of fablabs.
    Fablab in the worldFablab in the world
  • What’s a Fablab? / part 2
    In multiple posts, we'll describe Fablabs. ‌Be with us!
    a fablaba fablab
  • FabLab yearbook published
  • FabLab in INOTEX 2018
    FabLab first attendance in INOTEX has good and attractive experiences for us. Fablab Pavilion in INOTEX presented 3dPrinters, 3dScanner and 3dPens that catch the audience's attention.
    FabLab INOTEX 2018FabLab INOTEX 2018
  • Creative Space for Innovative Collaboration
    FabLab is a technical prototyping platform for a global communityof learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers, and innovatorsto collaborate and share knowledge, processes common tools.Fablabs is building a global network of digital fabrication laboratoryfor research and make incredible things across the world.
  • The Future of Making Things
    The future of making is developing in Fablabs
    bringing with it fundamental changes in the way things are designed, made, and used.
    It changes the game in every industry:
    architecture, engineering, and construction; manufacturing; media and entertainment.
    With the right mindset and right machines, Future is your opportunity.
  • 3D Scan and Print the World Heritage
    3D scanning and 3D printing are incredible processes
    for artists and institutions who are looking to have their masterpieces captured digitally.
    Scan the World aims to help as many museums, galleries, artists and private collectors
    as possible to preserve the world heritage.
  • Design, innovate and Fabricate Together
    FabLab offers digital fabrication workshops
    for artists, designers, architects and all others interested in
    digital fabrication, parametric architecture, and interactive design.
    The digital fabrication workshops focus on the various tools available
    for digital fabrication, go through step by step, from a digital file
    on the computer to an actual build version of the design.